Welcome to Re-Pontage! We hope you’ve clicked on this wondering “What on earth does Re-Pontage mean?”

Re-Pontage conveys the idea of reportage, that is, the style or technique of reporting news in more depth than mere headlines. We aim to report the broader stories of the project here: these could be details thrown up by the conservation work; findings of the volunteers who will be helping us with
archaeology and archival research or any interesting things we find as the project unfolds.

Linguistically, there’s a wee nod towards the Auld Alliance between Scotland and France by using a pun: ‘pont’ is French for ‘bridge’. There’s a hint of renewal through the use of re- and by the end of the project the Union Chain Bridge will have been conserved with the aim of it’s lasting a further 200 years.

The Union Chain Bridge: Crossing Borders, Inspiring Communities project is all about collaboration so if you have any contributions to make to our knowledge as a result of reading one of our Re-Pontage posts, or indeed, would like to suggest a subject for us to explore together, please do get in touch with us, using our contact form.