One Small Step for Amphibians, but a Giant Leap for Life on Earth



Online talk: One Small Step for Amphibians, but a Giant Leap for Life on Earth
Speaker: Dr. Nick Fraser
Date & Time: Tuesday 20th April, 7pm
Location: Zoom

About the Event

Dr. Fraser will tell us about his involvement in the TW:eed project, based locally to us in Berwickshire. The "TW" stands for Tetrapod World, and the project investigated early evolution and diversity. In his talk, Dr. Fraser will discuss the earliest colonization of land by vertebrates and the way this important local research has contributed to understanding this critical step in vertebrate evolution some 360 million years ago.

This is the second talk in a new series of online events presented by the Union Chain Bridge: Crossing Borders, Inspiring Communities project, inspired by the bridge and its environs.

About the Speaker

Nick Fraser is a vertebrate palaeontologist broadly interested in global biotic change through Deep Time. Dr. Fraser’s research is interdisciplinary and centres on the Triassic period (250 -201 million years ago). Nick is the Keeper of Natural Sciences at National Museums Scotland. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geosciences, Virginia Tech and Honorary Fellow in Geosciences at Edinburgh University.


The talk is free and tickets are available from If you reserve a place, a link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to you nearer the time. Please note, we ask you to book a place, even though the event is free, to ensure that we have the correct Zoom licence.