Live Like a Georgian



Online Talk: Live Like a Georgian: What Was Life Like When the UCB Was Built?
Speaker: Lucy Inglis
Date & Time: Tuesday 15th June 2021
Location: Zoom

About the event.
Renowned historian and author Lucy Inglis will give us an insight into the 1820s, when the Union Chain Bridge was built.

She will look at the cosmopolitan exchange and travel of ideas from the north, to London and Brighton and back again. The bridge's engineer, Capt. Sir Sam Brown absolutely epitomises this, living or regularly visiting the capital cities of Edinburgh and London, and "London-by-the-Sea," or Brighton, as well as his local home in Eyemouth and the Borders.

This is the third talk in a new series of online events presented by the Union Chain Bridge: Crossing Borders, Inspiring Communities project, inspired by the bridge and its environs.

About the speaker
Lucy Inglis is an acclaimed cultural historian and novelist, a speaker, and occasionally a television presenter and voice in the radio. She is the creator of the Georgian London blog and her book of the same name was shortlisted for the History Today Longman Prize.

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Writer Lucy Inglis in front of a sign in a bookshop pointing to History.