Rosie Revere Engineer

Welcome to the Union Chain Bridge’s Storytelling Sessions. In this session, we will be reading Rosie Revere, Engineer.

Find yourself and your child a comfy seat and then click on the video below to hear the story. The video is best enjoyed on full screen.

Has this story inspired you and your child to have a go at being an engineer, just like Rosie?

Download this Rosie Revere, Engineer Activity Sheet, which shows you and your little one how to engineer your own flying machine out of paper.

We would love to see your results, so please do get in touch to show us photos of your child’s paper aeroplanes.

Your child may already be familiar with “guided reading” from school. In this approach to literacy, reading the words is only one of many learning stimuli you can glean from a book. We’ve put together a video to show you how you can read Rosie Revere, Engineer without using any of the words in the book at all! We hope it will inspire you to read other books together in this way.