The Union Chain Bridge Learning Programme (2020-2023) has now closed. During the project, we worked with 21 local schools to increase confidence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). 

The STEM learning programme aimed to build children’s long-term STEM career aspirations through a carefully-targeted package of interventions which support children and their key influencers – their teachers and families.

Using the Union Chain Bridge and its restoration as a springboard, the programme supported teachers in developing and improving their STEM practice; engaging families in supporting their children’s learning; and introducing STEM careers ideas in accessible ways.

The programme’s central aim was to prompt a generation of primary/middle school leavers to enter secondary school understanding that STEM routes are accessible to everyone.

The STEM learning programme is underpinned by The Theory of Change, research undertaken by nationally-renowned STEM group NUSTEM, who are based at Northumbria University. To download the research publication, please click here.

To download free STEM legacy resources from the Union Chain Bridge Learning Programme, please visit the Museums Northumberland website.